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What are your hours?

Mon-Fri  7:30-4:30     Saturday  8:30-3:30


Are you open on Weekends?


We are open on all Saturdays and closed on all Sundays.  We are also closed Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas,

and New Years Day.



Are you open to the public?


Yes, we are open to the public. 

We also have an expansive display garden to help with ideas.


How many pounds are in a ton?




Can we pick out the rocks we want?




 What square footage is in a ton?


Coverage will vary per stone and type of use.  Coverage are noted on our signs and price lists.  We also have reference sheets available for particular uses.



Do you Deliver?





What is the delivery cost?


Delivery varies upon location, amount, and type of stone



How much is the stone?


All of the stone is sorted for particular uses.  Prices vary greatly, from $30.00 per ton for gravel, to several hundred dollars per ton for flagstone and specialty stones.


Can I buy less than a ton?

Yes, you can buy less than a ton.  Our scale measures in 20 LB increments.



Can I return stone for credit?


Yes, you can. Please refer to our return policy.


Return Policy



Are each one of your pallets a ton?


No - actual weights vary, most full pallets weigh between 1 1/2 - 2 tons.



Can we come out and check the place out?


Yes, we encourage you to do so.



Can we have small samples of stone?


Small color chips are available, we encourage you to take.  Large sample quantities are available at a nominal cost.



How many stones are in a ton?


This will vary with the type of stone. 

Please specify the type of project you are working on.


What is difference between Basalt and Granite?


Geological terms which refer to how the stone was formed.  For our purpose it serves as a reference to the shape, color, and texture. 

Both are solid stones.


How heavy is a one man stone?  Also a half man, three man and four man?


Sometimes rock is referred to as a one-man rock, or two-man rock.  Stone is measured by how many men it would take to muscle it into position by using an eight-foot bar or lever.  Because men come in different sizes and strengths, a one-man rock can be anywhere between a small rock and a rock weighing up to three hundred pounds; a two man rock can weigh upwards of nine hundred pounds.


How many yards in a ton?


This will vary per stone.  A cubic yard is 3' x 3' x 3'.  Gravel will weigh approx. 1.44 ton per cubic yard.  Half and one man rock will vary.  Please reference our

 "Conversion and Coverage Sheet" found on the how to page.


What kind of ground preparation do I need for a sandset patio?


Please reference "How to Sandset a Patio or Pathway", found on the How To Page.  In general 3"-4" of compacted gravel, 1"-2" of sand, then lay out your stone.  Stone for sandset patios should be at least 1 1/2" thick, 2"-3" is best.


What does a ton of rocks look like?


Palletized - is about 1/2 a pallet or 1 1/2 feet high.

Bulk Material - is a pile about 3 x 3 x 2 cone shaped


If I need help loading into my car, can someone help me?

We have machines that will load into open vehicles such as a pick-up without a canopy.  If you have a closed vehicle such as a station wagon or a van we are limited to the amount of help we can give you. 

In those cases you will need to choose stone in a size you can handle.


Do you have someone that designs patios and landscape?


To a certain degree we can help with you with laying out a design in our yard.  We can also refer customers to landscape designers and stone masons in their area.